Hello 2012!

How do we sum up 365 days of blessings, frustrations, challenges, power puffers menage a trois, aspirations and new found love? To all of our couples, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You guys inspire us every single day. To our esteemed collaborators, photographers, hair and make-up artists, coordinators, editors; where do we begin to show our gratitude? We choose not to speak so much as silence tells of sincerity. You guys give us all reason to live!

RabbitHole Creatives Prenup styling for Celine & Trojan (2010)

RabbitHole Creatives usher 2012 with love in our hearts and songs of praise on our minds. May this year be as crazy fun and untamed as the past few. May we give everything we have and still yearn to give back. May friendship and love found by this team be foundations for future challenges.

THANK YOU SO MUCH from all of us at RabbitHole Creatives!