FAQ #13 Can You Work On A Limited Budget?

RabbitHole Prenup Styling for Juris and Gavin (2011)

Of course! Let us talk about it!

Our creativity shall prevail.


FAQ #12 Why Should I Have a Pre-Nup Shoot?

RabbitHole Prenup styling for Jolina Magdangal and Mark Escueta (2011)

This is how we create memories.

A rose-tinted memory of the two of you. A memory of a beautiful story narrated by love.  It is an investment for future milestones. A retrospect of your union.  

FAQ #11 Why Do I Need A Stylist?

RabbitHole Prenup styling for Rudy and Jorina (2011)

With all the dizzying details, a pre-nuptial shoot can be an escape from it all.

What better way to indulge than to hire someone whom you can trust all your whims at and render it flawlessly. We share the same passion for guilty pleasures. And you need help in extending your ideas. That is the bulk of what we do. We aid you in putting more detail in such little expectation.

FAQ #10 Can I bring my own clothes?

RabbitHole Prenup styling for Pier and Brenda (2010)

Yes, you may certainly do so.

We can mix and match your clothes, accessories, and even your shoes with ours at the day of the shoot. More choices for us! Although we advice that the couple only bring clothes that they haven’t worn before or have worn just once or twice.

FAQ #9 We don’t know how to pose! Can you help us?

RabbitHole Prenup Stlyling for Leah and Rex (2010)

This one’s a piece of cake.
Light a joint and start the shoot.

Kidding aside, we prefer the couple to interact rather than pose. We will direct the couple to a certain scene/story and the couple will enact in their own body language. That way, the final output won’t look so contrived. We advise our couples to just have fun and try to make a world of their own while shooting. Our team and the photographer/videographer will act as voyeurs and document the interaction.   

FAQ #9 What kind of clothes do you provide?

RabbitHole Prenup Styling for Yvette & Jamieson (2010)

Most clothes are chosen for ease of movement.

We want the couple to be interactive and have fun. Static commotion! The clothes range from Sunday dresses and casual elegance to enigmatic evening wear. It really depends on the concept of the shoot. Good fit and bright colors are important to make the final photo or video pop. 

FAQ #8 What kind of props do you usually bring?

 RabbitHole Prenup styling for Jay & Tisa (2010)

Our team has a wide range of props and artifacts.
These are visual cues to develop the character of the couple. The props also encourage interaction to make the mood more natural and alive. Props vary from mallets to musical notes cut-outs, wooden picture frames to an antique boat replica, a swing to a make-shift tent. The list goes on. The props that we will bring should complement your personalities. 

FAQ #7 I’m so excited for the shoot! Which brands and designers do I get to wear?

RabbitHole Prenup styling for Vanessa Matsunaga and Jun Sunga (2011)

You get to wear the best!

Dior, Prada, MiuMiu, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, McQueen; just to name a few.

FAQ#6 Why are shoes not provided?

 RabbitHole Prenup styling for Madel and Eulo (2010)

We think of shoes as intimate wear. 

Hence, a bit wary to share. 
Although we do bring pairs of shoes in case the client’s own doesn’t match with the clothes.

FAQ #5: Is your transportation included in the package?

 RabbitHole Prenup styling for Jolina Magdangal & Mark Escueta (2011)

Yes, our transportation is included in our premium packages.*

For our Alice and Mad Hatter premium packages, we have our own transportation to relieve you of the stress.

*However, for the Rabbit and Cheshire packages, the client will provide for our transportation.

FAQ#4 Why is RabbitHole expensive?

 RabbitHole Prenup Styling for Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto (2010)

RabbitHole provides everything.

You can come at the photo shoot with nothing at all and we’ll end up with the most talked about pre-nuptial shoot. That is luxury. The clothes, props and set designs are selected with you in mind. Custom fit to your personality. You wear high end brands and the most tasteful of garments. We go beyond beauty and glamour. The concepts produced are visually and intellectually stimulating. We do authentic renditions, not comic imitations. Our taste is of premium and global standards, as our followers would put it. We play hard and we don’t play it safe.    

FAQ #3: Is the venue included in the package?

RabbitHole Creatives Prenup Styling for Marga & Rob (2011)

We suggest a list of locations for you to choose from.

We could also choose for you which venue best fits our concept. You simply need to shoulder the rental or admission fee of the location if there is any.  However, there are many locations that allow private prenup photo shoots at no cost.

FAQ #2 Is hair and make-up included in the package?

RabbitHole Creatives Prenup Styling for Marilyn & Walter (2011)

Yes, our packages are tailored to provide you with a hair and make-up artist ready for the shoot.

We aspire for an effortless photo shoot with you. You come with nothing and everything is set for you. Nothing left to worry. However, if you already have a hair and make-up supplier, we shall grant a discount from your desired package.